Frequently Asked Questions

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How It Works

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1. You Select Your Suppliers

Start by choosing from our network of over 2,000 companies.

2. We Activate Your Discounts

Stilt activates new discounted pricing with the suppliers you selected.

3. Start Saving Even More

With your new pricing discounts now active, realize greater savings on all future purchases.

No minimum purchases | No contracts | No risk

Can I See Your Entire Portfolio of Companies You Offer Products From?

Of course. It’s accessible at all times and updated regularly right here. In order to get the approximate savings associated with purchasing from a Stilt partnership for any supplier, please contact us at or use our expedited sign-up located here.

Do I Get the Same Products from the Same Suppliers I Use Now?

Yes, you will receive the exact same products in the exact same configuration you buy them today from the exact same supplier or distributor you use. In some cases even greater savings can be found by using alternative products. For example if you buy Bounty paper towel and you switch to Hefty, you may receive an additional discount. In other cases savings can be found by changing suppliers/distributors you may not have had access to before or were not using. However any changes are fully transparent to you and something you can always expand to in the future.

How Does Pricing Get Changed With My Suppliers?

The support team at Stilt will go through the process that we call “Price Activation” which involves us contacting all your suppliers to provide them your Stilt customer number and have them reduce your pricing to the Stilt contract tier.

What Happens If My Buying Frequency or Amounts Change?

Really, nothing, but we do want you to maximize the opportunities the Stilt platform provides. If and when you purchase more – you’ll save more. If your purchasing has slowed down, perhaps there are other suppliers you can add to your Stilt portfolio in other categories that can improve your savings. We can assist you with getting the most from the Stilt relationship at anytime. Simply contact us and ask!

What Guarantee Do I Have that I Get the Savings You Claim?

We offer a Profit Guarantee. If in the first 90 days you have not received significant savings, we will refund you the difference and let you leave the Stilt agreement with no penalties and no questions asked. We are proud to say we have 100% client retention and have never had a claim.

Are There Any Commitments or Long Term Contracts?

In a word? No. We are happy to provide the service to you on an ongoing basis without any commitments or contractual obligations. All we do is provide a clear and concise, one-page mutual agreement that we complete upfront together. There’s no risk and you can cancel at anytime with zero penalties. We’re happy to say that we haven’t had one cancellation since we started Stilt – I mean, who’s NOT going to want to save money now, really?

When Do I Start Paying Stilt?

Upon your initial sign-up, you are charged the monthly fee of $499 to use the service. All of the setup and implementation charges are waived. Each month, as you potentially save literally thousands of dollars on product purchases, you will be billed the $499 monthly fee.

How Difficult Is It To Join?

It’s actually quite easy! It’s a simple sign-up process; you provide some basic information through our secure website, choose your suppliers and we do the rest! It’s approximately a 5 minute process with zero disruption to your business. The entire on-boarding process takes about one invoicing cycle per supplier to start your savings. “Price Activation” generally takes about 7-10 business days but we’ve seen it take much less as well. You should expect to see your Stilt savings within 1-2 invoicing cycles from your suppliers.

Do Company Employees Benefit from Stilt as Well?

Companies that partner with Stilt can pass most savings through to their employees. They do not have to change their billing or account information on their personal accounts as long as they coordinate with their company’s savings access. Usually this is done online using a company-specific Stilt assigned code the employee must register with one time to enable the discounts. It’s an easy and quick process in most cases.

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