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Organizations across the country have realized the power of savings that Stilt provides its customers.

We are not greedy. Sharing the savings is something we are happy to do and offer choice partners that same opportunity for its customers and employees. Are you interested in learning more about partnership opportunities you can provide your clients? Check out more details below or call us now to chat about these new savings opportunities!

Business to Business Partnerships
Are you an organization that has a national or regional sales team or account managers who can benefit from offering savings on Stilt’s portfolio of products to your customers?

We have partnered with various enterprise and medium-sized businesses to offer Stilt’s savings directly to their customers. There’s no middle man and no additional paperwork to process since Stilt handles it all. We work directly with your sales or account teams and support your business while protecting your relationship.

By offering Stilt’s additional savings to your customers, savings become a fantastic retention tool for renewal and upselling additional services. Plus, we protect your interest in your customer by only offering the best discounts available through your partnership with Stilt – ensuring they stick with you for a long time. You can extend those same savings directly to your employees! Your customers can hear first-hand from your employees how much Stilt saves them on their personal bills each month. There’s no better positive review or reference than word of mouth!

Independent Reps & Affiliates
Stilt can also offer its entire portfolio of brands to independent representatives or affiliates in any vertical. Insurance, hard goods, apparel, you name it! If you have a client base and think they can benefit from additional monthly savings on goods you do not currently provide, then give us a call! Seriously, who’s going to turn down additional profit dollars, right? We will equip you with the tools necessary to offer Stilt’s savings to your customers and compensate you for doing so.

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